Residential Estimating Spreadsheet

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A Simple and Easy to use spreadsheet that makes bidding jobs quick and Easy. Save time with this all in one Estimating Spreadsheet.

  • Summary Page (Quick Overview of Everything)
  • Material & Labor Page (50 Lines of input)
  • Equipment Page (50 Lines of input)
  • Subcontractors Page (50 Lines of input)
  • Rentals Page (50 Lines of input)
  • General Conditions Page
    • Management
    • Construction Office (Non-Reoccurring Cost)
    • Construction Office (Reoccurring Cost)
  • Labor Rate & Crew Size Page
  • Engineering
  • Bid Notification
  • Sheet Metal Specification Review
  • Piping Specification Review
  • Bid Risk Assessment Form

and More .....

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You'll get the #1 Best Residential Estimating Spreadsheet in Excel Format.

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Residential Estimating Spreadsheet

0 ratings
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