HVAC Estimating Spreadsheet (Sheet Metal & Piping)

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This HVAC Estimating Spreadsheet was developed by a 40 plus year veteran of commercial construction, including Hospitals, Hotels, Government and Industrial Buildings and Large Residential Mansions.

This spreadsheet has everything needed to bid HVAC Commercial or Residential Projects.

  1. Main Dashboard
  2. Final Estimate Summary Sheet
  3. Sheet Metal Summary Sheet
  4. HVAC Piping Summary Sheet
  5. Labor Rates and Crew Size
  6. HVAC Equipment
  7. Piping Assemblies
  8. Subcontractors Sheet
  9. Rental Equipment
  10. General Construction Sheet
  11. Sheet Metal & HVAC Piping Specification Review Sheets
  12. Risk Assessment Calculator (Determine if a project is worth bidding)
  13. Engineering Cost Calculator Sheet

Note: this is not a material and labor database.

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HVAC Estimating Spreadsheet (Sheet Metal & Piping)

0 ratings
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